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Jon Rafman’s Nine Eyes Contributor (New Documents, 2016), Borrowing, Poaching…., Contributor, (The Piracy Project/AND Publishing, 2015), The Atlas of Contemporary Networks, Contributor, (IUAV Venice, 2015), Cat is Art Spelled Wrong, Contributor (Walker Center/Coffee House, 2015), Art and the Internet, Contributor (Black Dog Publishing, 2014), The Junk Ships on Alibaba, Author, (Piracy Papers/AND Publishing 2014), SQM: The Quantified Home, Contributor (Lars Müller Publishers, 2014), App Art, Contributor (ZKM, forthcoming), Best of Rhizome 2012, Editor (Link Editions)

Column: Medium’s The Message (personal archive) 2014 – 2015

Selected essays: The Internet of Things Will Ruin Birthdays: Birthday harassment from brands and data tracking disguised as warm wishes, Postcards from the Futch: Nothing looks like the past like talking about “the future” of the internet, The Apple Watch is a Watch: Apple design after Steve Jobs, Sound and Memory: We need an Instagram for field recordings, iPhone Dreams: Renders from 2006 tell us everything about what we used to think a phone could be, The Internet is Real: Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road trial, and the quasi-fictions of internet culture, Block by Block: Learning to love the block button. Learning to love being blocked, Clothing as SOS: The challenges of building wearables for personal safety without burdening a victim, Harassed by Algorithms: A user recommended as “similar to you” might be dangerous, Screenshots as POV: Your point of view from the GoPro camera to the screen, In Aura: Migraine aura illustrations as online folk art (full archive...)


Why Do I Have to Call This App ‘Julie’?
New York Times, Sunday Review section, December 20, 2015

Fear of Zero Bars
Haunted Machines, March 2015

The Patriotic Face
Saturated Space, December 2014

The Dads of Tech, (co-written with Astra Taylor)
The Baffler, Winter 2014

Watching Foam Rise
Dirty Furniture, Issue 1

Dronism, (co-written with Ingrid Burrington)
Dissent, Spring 2014

Look Inside,
Frieze, January 2014

A Real Horrorshow,
Hysterical Literature, December 2013

The Price You Pay,
Medium, September 23, 2013

Tiny Proofs of the Existence of the Eiffel Tower,
Medium, September 2, 2013

A Dispatch From Bradley Manning’s Conviction
The Atlantic, August 14 2013

Bradley Manning on Trial,
Jacobin, July 23, 2013

Mirror with Memory and a Blind Spot,
Medium, July 8, 2013

Prêt à travailler: workaholic holograms,
Domus, May 2013

On the intricacies of Hollywood archaeology,
Wired UK, July 2012

Tacita Dean,
The Paris Review, June 25, 2012

In lifelogging, you find your statistical (and egotistical?) self,
Los Angeles Times, June 03, 2012

Lygia Pape,
Modern Painters, May 2012

Escape the Map,
Semionaut, April 2012

Interview with Kenneth Goldsmith
Frieze, April 20, 2011

Where are the iPhone Addicts and Facebook Stalkers in Contemporary Fiction?
Mediaite/Huffington Post, Oct 13, 2010.

Tracking memes on their native turf
Nieman Lab, May 5, 2010

There’s an app for this
The Boston Globe, January 10, 2010

Grain Thing
Significant Objects, August 26, 2009

Death of a Dystopian: The life and legacy of J.G. Ballard
Reason, July 2009


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Catalog essays:

Touch to Feel,
TTTT, Jerwood Space

The Dust of the Future
Essay for Maurice Carlin’s Performance Publishing: Regents Trading Estate,
also published on The State

“Endless Archive”
Collect the WWWorld. The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age
Spazio Contemporanea, Corsetto Sant’Agata, 22 – Brescia
September 24 – October 1, 2011

“Overfutured” for Free exhibition
The New Museum, October 20, 2010 ~ January 23, 2011


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Architectural Uncanny Valley / A Conversation with Jonathan Lethem / The Artist Google Street View Photographed Twice / Jeff Noon’s Sporecast / The Eternal Internet Brotherhood / Improving Prometheus / Artist Profile: Adam Harvey / Past and Present in “Strange Simultaneity”: Mark Fisher Explains Hauntology at NYU / Put a Corinthian Column on It / Artist Profile: Adam Harvey / Artist Profile: Ed Fornieles / Snapshots of Occupy Wall Street / Stranger Interactions with Kio Stark / Cole Stryker, Author of “Epic Win for Anonymous” on Interior Semiotics, Context Collapse, and “You Rage You Lose” / Connecting at ContactCon / Artist Profile: James Howard / Artist Profile: Duncan Malashock